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What's going on with the KDCTA...

In an effort to get back to what we love, our horses, the KDCTA has been working hard to get events scheduled for 2021.  We would like to invite you to join our zoom meeting this Sunday April 11th at 7pm.  Please see the login info at the bottom of this page.


There is a new equestrian discipline on the rise called Working Equitation, also known as USAWE.  It's relatively new to the US and starting to grow here in the east coast.   We are having Kim Hillyer, the Reg. 6 Director, give an overview of just what WE is.


We will also plan to take a short journey on the USDF website to show where to find our member perks relating to dressage education.


Also on the agenda is to discuss the 2021 drill team.  If you are interested in drill team you'll want to stop by and hear the details.


Then, finally, I will have info about several clinics in the works and a couple of business items to share.


We look forward to seeing you Sunday.  Feel free to pass this info to friends.  The more the merrier!  If you can't come but are interested in any of these topics, please email me at

Stephanie - KDCTA President

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