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Danish Scoring System for Dressage Classes

1st thru 6th place in Jumper/Flat classes

Jumper Stake Classes w/ Payback

1st thru 6th place & Champion and Reserve for Working Equitation

Foxfire Memorial Trophy

NEW!   KDCTA Member Volunteer Awards!

Foxfire Memorial Trophy

In remembrance of Trinity's Foxfire,

a wonderful schoolmaster

who taught much to many.

Eligibility requirements:

*Must be currently taking at least 2 riding lessons per month. 

*There is no charge to sign up for this award. 

*Sign up on entry form, including Instructors' name. 


The rider with the highest averaged dressage score of at least 2 standard dressage tests (english or western) wins a ribbon with Foxfire's picture on it. Picture of horse and rider is also added to the scrapbook.

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