Volunteer Recognition Program

Purpose:  1) To engage membership in helping with KDCTA events that require multiple volunteers in order to have a successful event.  2) To acknowledge those members who do volunteer with a gift from the KDCTA.


Who can do this?

Any adult or youth who is a current KDCTA member.


What can I do to earn volunteer hours?

  1. Attend a membership meeting - 1 hour

  2. Volunteer at a KDCTA horse show - 2, 4, 6, 8, 9+ hours

  3. Volunteer for set up/tear down at a horse show or clinic - 2, 4 hours

  4. Volunteer at a KDCTA Clinic - 2, 4, 6, 8 hours

  5. Volunteer at KDCTA clean up days - 2, 4, 6 hours

(Note: KDCTA officers may not count time spent doing officer duties)


How do I use my credits?

Each volunteer hour worked is worth $1.00.  Volunteer award recipients will be contacted via email in December to select how they would like to use their credits or carry them over to the next year. The selections will be presented at the annual Jan. Membership Meeting.

Credits can be used for membership renewal, entry fee costs for KDCTA shows & events, logo attire, or a Dover gift card, a lesson or service from local equestrian.

Volunteer at one of our shows!!!


If you are able to help out any time during the day, please stop by the office and we will find a job for you 

Volunteers are the key to a great show. We always welcome any help for show set up (Friday evening prior to the  show) AND tear down directly after the last ride.

Check out the info below and contact kdcta11@gmail.com for more information.

Show day jobs include (but not limited to):

  1. Help in the Registration Booth

  2. Runners for dressage tests

  3. Dressage Scribes

  4. Gate helpers (Dressage and WE rings)

  5. Scoring and ribbons for Dressage ring

  6. Announcers

  7. Stall check-in help